The best in joint care isn’t an “a la carte” process. 
It’s not a surgical procedure and a “good luck, see you in six months.”
The best in joint care is a comprehensive, continuous approach to wellness.
Welcome to Your Continuum of Joint Care

At Arthritis & Joint Replacement Center of Reading, we know your wellness depends upon an approach that addresses all stages of orthopaedic care. That’s why we offer all levels of care, customized to the needs of every patient.

Beginning with your initial visit, our physicians ascertain your diagnosis and offer non-surgical treatment options best suited to your needs.

When treatment must advance to the surgical level, benefit from our fellowship trained, board certified physician staff trained in the most advanced orthopaedic surgical methods to ensure your best possible outcome.

After surgery, you need time and help to recover. We recognize this phase of your care is just as critical to your well-being as any. Partnering with Health Calls Home Health, benefit from certified clinicians and nursing staff providing in-home care as directed by your surgeon.

Get your motion and mobility back with physical therapy programs directed by your orthopaedist.

Experience Our Continuum of Joint Care

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