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Shoulder Injuries in the Throwing Athlete

The act of throwing a baseball is one of the fastest and most violent maneuvers to which any joint in the body can be subjected. For each pitch, the thrower must generate high levels of energy in the legs and trunk to accelerate the ball to top velocity, requiring the muscles and structures of the

Tips for Surviving the Summer While Managing Arthritis

With summer coming quickly around the corner, minds are turning toward parks, cookouts, and outdoor fun under the sun. However, this can be difficult for those suffering from arthritis pain. While everyone prepares for summertime, arthritis sufferers must take extra care to ensure they stay pain-free throughout the season. Fortunately, by following a few easy

Think you need knee surgery? Perhaps not. Read on to learn your options.

Did you know that there are several non-surgical treatment options for arthritis of the knee? For many, these treatments can be very effective and can delay or even prevent the need for surgery. Read on to learn more about nonsurgical options that can help maintain joint mobility, decrease pain, and get you back to doing

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