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Choosing A Hospital For An Orthopedic Procedure – Where Do I Begin?

Gone are the days when a surgeon performed procedures in only one hospital.  Today’s consumer demand for easy accessibility to quality care has surgeons and hospitals offering services at convenient locations, more flexible hours and most importantly of all, a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction and best possible outcomes.   Just what the doctor ordered. Very

Tips for Surviving the Summer While Managing Arthritis

With summer coming quickly around the corner, minds are turning toward parks, cookouts, and outdoor fun under the sun. However, this can be difficult for those suffering from arthritis pain. While everyone prepares for summertime, arthritis sufferers must take extra care to ensure they stay pain-free throughout the season. Fortunately, by following a few easy

Preventing Knee Revision Surgery: Doing It Right The First Time

No one wants to have their knee replacement fail and be told they need knee revision surgery. Revision surgery is more technically complicated for surgeons, presents longer recovery timeframes for patients, and often has poorer outcomes than original knee replacement surgery. Many factors contribute to the need for knee revision surgery, but high among them

Did you know knee replacement actually saves you money? Read this article to understand how.

Positive Economic Impact of Total Knee Replacement Surgery The many physical tasks we do on a daily basis all have impact on our joint health, functioning and overall wellness. Whether stooping down to tie a toddler’s shoelaces, executing the perfect putt or picking up a stack of boxes from the floor, these actions require we

Questions about knee replacement? Watch this video featuring Dr. Kevin Terefenko

Dr. Kevin Terefenko, fellowship trained and board certified joint replacement surgeon, explains the latest surgical advancement in knee surgery: Patient-Specific Custom Total Knee Replacement. View Dr. Terefenko’s bio

Think you need knee surgery? Perhaps not. Read on to learn your options.

Did you know that there are several non-surgical treatment options for arthritis of the knee? For many, these treatments can be very effective and can delay or even prevent the need for surgery. Read on to learn more about nonsurgical options that can help maintain joint mobility, decrease pain, and get you back to doing

May is Arthritis Awareness Month: Why It’s Important to Make It All About You!

While most people think of flowers and cookouts when they think of May, the month also serves an important medical role. As National Arthritis Awareness Month, May is a time to educate people about the risks and difficulties of arthritis pain, as well as its treatment and prevention. Since it’s also a great time of

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