Did you know knee replacement actually saves you money? Read this article to understand how.

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Positive Economic Impact of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The many physical tasks we do on a daily basis all have impact on our joint health, functioning and overall wellness. Whether stooping down to tie a toddler’s shoelaces, executing the perfect putt or picking up a stack of boxes from the floor, these actions require we engage one of the most utilized joints in the human body – the knee.

It is easy to forget how much we rely on our knees to work properly. When we start to experience issues such as knee pain, however, it quickly refreshes our memory of the tasks knee joints perform. It is therefore not surprising that knee issues cause millions of visits to the doctor’s office annually, second only to office visits due to back problems.

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The Connection Between Knee Surgery and Economic Growth

When treatment of knee issues must advance to the surgical level, it is very heartening to realize that, upon recovery, quality of life factors improve dramatically. Total knee replacement, also known as total knee arthroplasty or TKA, typically offers a very high success rate, enabling patients to return to an active lifestyle with family and other social activities, exercise and the workplace.

Offering more concrete evidence of the positive effects of total knee replacement, a study published in 2013 by the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery quantified the positive economic impact resulting from patients who have total knee replacement surgery. The study shares that the average cost for a single knee replacement, including surgery and rehabilitation, is generally $20,000. That figure, however, is offset by a total combined savings of approximately $40,000 associated with each patient’s ability to return to work and continue to generate income, as well as the savings from eliminated disability payments that would have otherwise have to be paid.

This research clearly indicates that knee replacement surgery is not only an investment in long-term health, it also provides each patient with the probability of increased earning potential averaging $20,000 over their lifetime. To read the entire study, please click here.

The facts of this fascinating study underscore the value total knee replacement surgery provides, not only to patients relieved of pain, but also increased workplace productivity needed for economic growth.

The plain truth is that no one wants to be in knee pain and sidelined from basic activities. Combining the high success rate of total knee replacement and the measurable positive economic impact the surgery creates, the two facts present an unparalleled solution for ensuring a pain-free and productive lifestyle.

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