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Dr. Shaffer’s “Shoulder Arthritis & Joint Replacement Surgery” presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended Dr. Shaffer’s presentation on “Shoulder Arthritis and Joint Replacement Surgery” this past Saturday at Keystone Villa.  A lot of information was shared and we hope you enjoyed learning about the latest advancements in joint replacement surgery to combat the affects of arthritis. Our thanks to Arthritis Foundation of Eastern

Yesterday’s Joint Replacement Symposium

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s Joint Replacement Symposium featuring AJRC’s Dr. James Shaffer.   We hope you learned a lot about recent surgical advancements in shoulder surgery and how they benefit today’s common shoulder joint issues. If you have further questions about your own shoulder care, Dr. Shaffer is always welcoming new patients.

Still need to sign up? You still have time!

  If you still want to sign up to attend tomorrow’s joint replacement symposium featuring Dr. Shaffer, it’s not too late! We hope you enjoyed the information shared during the entire month of July on shoulder care, treatment and surgical advancements.  Now is your opportunity to learn even more about the latest in shoulder surgery

Shoulder Problems in the Elderly

We ask a lot of our shoulders. Indeed, we rely on them both for performing everyday tasks as well as sports activities requiring lateral and overhead reach. When you think of it, that’s a lot for your shoulder to bear! As the most mobile joint in the body with the ability to perform the greatest

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