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The Fall edition of JOINT VENTURE is here!

The Fall 2014 edition of JOINT VENTURE, a newsletter from Arthritis & Joint Replacement Center of Reading and Joints in Motion, is here!  Read inspiring success stories of patients who have returned to doing the things they love after receiving orthopedic and physical therapy care, as well as information we hope you’ll enjoy.  Just click

A Mountain of a Success Story!

Scott Wallace struggled with severe knee pain for two years.  The pain kept him up at night and limited most of his sports activities, but he was still able to fully function in his busy dental practice in Elverson, Wallace & Wolitarsky Dental Associates  (  Upon review of Scott’s MRI, Dr. Kevin Terefenko identified Scott

Have a success story? Share them with us!

As a patient of AJRC or Joints in Motion, do you have an amazing success story you’d like to share with the world? If you are back to doing the things you love because of the care you received at either AJRC or Joints in Motion, we’d love to hear from you!  Please send us a

To better serve our patients, electronic medical records (EMR) coming to AJRC!

AJRC is proud to announce that it will be implementing electronic medical records (EMR) next week! The EMR system is a 24/7, user-friendly patient portal where you will be able to access your medical records or send a message to the office staff at your convenience.  Accessed through the AJRC website, the patient portal will

An in-depth interview with Dr. James Shaffer – Part 3 of 4

  Dr. James Shaffer was recently interviewed on WEEU’s “Health Talk” program.  Here is the third of four excerpts from the interview, full of helpful information relating to shoulder treatment and surgery. Question:  What if you have a patient who maybe has a rotator cuff tear and things aren’t getting better.  How do you proceed

Get to know AJRC’s Dr. James Shaffer, Shoulder Specialist

Here in Berks County, we are very fortunate to have board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Shaffer,  who offers patients several years of experience in both non-surgical and surgical treatment of shoulder issues. A native Pennsylvanian, Dr. Shaffer stresses the fact that to get great shoulder care, patients do not need to travel outside of

July is Shoulder Month at AJRC

It’s a joint we rely on constantly.  Yes, it helps us complete mundane household chores but can also help us reach, quite literally, our highest potential.  Join AJRC in July as we explore the wonderful and complex joint that is the shoulder.  Hear from Dr. James Shaffer, board certified orthopedic shoulder surgeon, as he shares

What was the most helpful thing you learned from our May posts?

Thanks for visiting our Facebook page in May!  We had a great time sharing information on arthritis awareness and treatment.  Because knees are a problem area for so many people, we featured a lot of information to help you stay informed about the best care available today, including non-operative treatments and knee replacement surgery.  So

Success Stories of the Journey to Wellness

 Lifetime wellness can be a difficult journey – especially if you’re afflicted with a chronic condition that impedes your ability to be able to exercise the way you’d like to, or severely restricts your diet. However, overcoming those hang-ups is one of the most exciting things about wellness! Here are a few success stories about

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