A Mountain of a Success Story!

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Scott Wallace struggled with severe knee pain for two years.  The pain kept him up at night and limited most of his sports activities, but he was still able to fully function in his busy dental practice in Elverson, Wallace & Wolitarsky Dental Associates  (www.wwdentalcare.com).  Upon review of Scott’s MRI, Dr. Kevin Terefenko identified Scott as an excellent candidate for non-surgical care consisting of a knee brace to strengthen the knee and therefore alleviate pain.  Not only was the treatment successful, it allowed Scott to climb Mount Rainier in Washington State…all the while carrying a 37 pound backpack.  Says Scott, “Kevin, your skill as a diagnostician and knowledge in your field will always be remembered and greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for your guidance in my road to recovery.”
After climbing a figurative mountain to overcome restricting pain, Scott had the final say by doing the real thing.  Congratulations Scott!
If you are a patient of AJRC and want to share your success story via our website and blog, please email us your story and a photo to info@jointcenterofreading.com
To your wellness, AJRC.


  1. Anne McGlone on September 13, 2014 at 3:10 PM said:

    That’s a great story. Way to go Dr. Terefenko. Keep Dr. Wallace in shape!

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