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Swimming: A Recipe for Long-Term Joint Health

Who knew an answer to relieving joint pain could be as close as your community pool? When dealing with joint pain and its debilitating effects, it is easy to become discouraged and hit a mental wall, thinking the pain has the better of you and nothing can be done but give in and give up.

A Round of Golf: Exercise in Plain Sight

Golf tends to have a reputation as a leisurely-paced sport. You may find, however, that once you begin playing regularly, golf is a far greater workout than you ever anticipated! The truth is that professional golf players devote quite a bit of time to their physical and mental wellbeing to play at their personal best.

Arthritis and the People Who are Beating It

As medical science continues to expand its understanding of the human body, we are starting to see that many afflictions that we once considered uncommon and incurable are, in fact, very routine, and easy to live with and even cure. Take, for example, the case of arthritis: the pain caused by arthritis has been described

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