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As medical science continues to expand its understanding of the human body, we are starting to see that many afflictions that we once considered uncommon and incurable are, in fact, very routine, and easy to live with and even cure. Take, for example, the case of arthritis: the pain caused by arthritis has been described by some as debilitating, to the point of being unable to use their limbs. Over the years, doctors have developed a variety of methodologies for treating arthritis, but the truth is that arthritis is often the result of how we live our lives, and it can be treated and even cured by making changes to our lives.

Signs and Symptoms, Treatment, and a Whole Lot More about Arthritis.

This sounds like the same snake oil you see online and in bookstores: “Follow my program and you’ll be cured of all that ails you! Just three installments of 99.99!” It’s nothing like that, however. While serious cases of arthritis can benefit from medical treatment, most arthritis sufferers only need to make changes to their diet and lifestyles in order to not only alleviate their symptoms, but even be rid of arthritis entirely. Across the country, people are discovering this – people like…


  1. Tim, of Coventry in the U.K., is in his early twenties, and hasn’t let rheumatoid arthritis get him down. Diagnosed with the condition when he was six, his solution has been to change how he lives his life through goal-setting. He started with goals like opening a bottle of soda, and has since worked up to becoming a Jiu Jitsu instructor! By making your life an active one, a step at a time, arthritis will slowly stop dominating your life.
  2. With the help of a doctor who understands the relationship between arthritis and nutrition, Phyllis Heaphy was able to effectively do away with her arthritis. As painful and debilitating as her condition was, making simple but strict changes to her eating choices has allowed her to live a largely pain-free existence, as far as arthritis is concerned. When she sees something she knows she ought not to eat, she simply reminds herself that the food in front of her represents quite a bit of pain – and she’d rather pass.
  3. Sometimes, diet, and even medication, is simply not enough. When that happens, as it did to Steve, surgery is an option. For Steve, the replacement of a hip has led to a pain-free life. While medication and regular exercise did wonders for him when he was younger, as he aged, they were less effective. Sometimes you need to be willing to go all the way to be free of arthritic pain.

The author of A Figment of Fitness decided to make exercise how she was going to cope with and overcome arthritis. She trains for, and then runs, marathons as a way of testing and challenging her body. For many arthritis sufferers, exercise – when combined with the right nutritional regimen – is the best way to live with their condition!


There are countless other individuals with arthritis who have chosen to deal with arthritis in a variety of ways – you may even know some of them and not even be aware of it! You pass them on the street, you greet them at the coffee shop, and you work with them at the office. Arthritis is a common condition, but the solutions to living with and overcoming the condition are, thankfully, very much within reach. Exercise, eat right, and after that, take medication and perhaps even elect for surgery if absolutely necessary.


Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about your every ache and pain, and also don’t be afraid to join a community of fellow travelers on the road to an arthritis-free life. Internet forums, blogs, support groups – whatever works for you. Arthritis isn’t just a physical affliction, after all; it can have a grave impact on your mental wellbeing, and if your mind isn’t in the right place, recovery can be next to impossible. However, with your friends, family, and fellow arthritis patients behind you cheering you on and helping you to discover new and better ways to live with and overcome your condition, your recovery is inevitable. You may even come out the other side of this healthier, stronger, and more empowered than you were before!


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