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Dr. Shaffer’s “Shoulder Arthritis & Joint Replacement Surgery” presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended Dr. Shaffer’s presentation on “Shoulder Arthritis and Joint Replacement Surgery” this past Saturday at Keystone Villa.  A lot of information was shared and we hope you enjoyed learning about the latest advancements in joint replacement surgery to combat the affects of arthritis. Our thanks to Arthritis Foundation of Eastern

Attend a FREE seminar featuring Dr. James Shaffer

Thank you for reading and commenting on this week’s series of posts featuring Dr. James Shaffer discussing shoulder treatment and the latest surgical advancements in shoulder care. Now you have an opportunity to learn even more! Dr. Shaffer is one of three featured speakers at Reading Health’s Joint Symposium, taking place next Thursday, August 7th

An in-depth interview with Dr. James Shaffer, Part 4 of 4

  Dr. James Shaffer was recently interviewed on WEEU’s “Health Talk” program.  Here is the final excerpt from the interview, full of helpful information relating to shoulder treatment and surgery. Question: What are the latest surgical advancements in shoulder surgery? Dr. Shaffer: In the past, the perception has been that shoulder replacements have been less

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Terefenko!

            Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Terefenko for recently passing his “MOC” exam to maintain Board certification by The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery!  Dr. Terefenko wishes to thank his patients, staff, friends and family for their support during this process. Dr. Terefenko prepared for this exam for months and is pleased

Shoulder Injuries in the Throwing Athlete

The act of throwing a baseball is one of the fastest and most violent maneuvers to which any joint in the body can be subjected. For each pitch, the thrower must generate high levels of energy in the legs and trunk to accelerate the ball to top velocity, requiring the muscles and structures of the

Choosing A Hospital For An Orthopedic Procedure – Where Do I Begin?

Gone are the days when a surgeon performed procedures in only one hospital.  Today’s consumer demand for easy accessibility to quality care has surgeons and hospitals offering services at convenient locations, more flexible hours and most importantly of all, a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction and best possible outcomes.   Just what the doctor ordered. Very

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