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Gone are the days when a surgeon performed procedures in only one hospital.  Today’s consumer demand for easy accessibility to quality care has surgeons and hospitals offering services at convenient locations, more flexible hours and most importantly of all, a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction and best possible outcomes.   Just what the doctor ordered.

Very much in line with this patient-centered philosophy is Surgical Institute of Reading in Wyomissing, where Dr. Kevin Terefenko performs the majority of his joint replacement surgeries, including knee replacement surgery.

With Surgical Institute of Reading in our own backyard, Berks County is served by a nationally-recognized hospital, having recently received the distinctions of America’s 100 Best Specialty Care Hospitals for Joint Replacement™ and Outstanding Patient Experience Award™, awarded by Healthgrades, a national company that distributes information on quality and safety ratings of health care providers, including hospitals, nursing homes, physicians and dentists.

healthgradesjointaward    healthgradespatientaward

All of this points to a critical step in your care. Patients are now empowered with a wealth of information available online so informed decisions can be made about the doctor and the hospital chosen as care providers. As we shared in our last post, the idea of “doing it right the first time,” now more than ever patients have a wealth of information at their fingertips to vet both their surgeon and hospital of choice, so a post-operative outcome is as expected on all levels.

One of the most authoritative sources for information on healthcare providers is the Medicare website. Here, you’ll find information on everything from helpful links to finding physicians and hospitals to comparative data needed to make provider choices. There are other equally helpful websites to use as research tools, and doing this relatively small amount of “homework” is a great way to be proactively involved in ensuring your best surgical outcome.

When considering care providers for joint replacement surgery, turn to the award-winning Surgical Institute of Reading, and fellowship trained surgeon Dr. Kevin Terefenko, who performs several procedures including knee arthroscopy, partial and total knee replacement, knee revision, patient-specific custom total knee arthroplasty and total hip replacement. Dr. Terefenko is always welcoming new patients, and an appointment request can easily be made online by clicking here.

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